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Personalizing the Passenger Experience

With 82,000,000,000 minutes per year spent in ride-hailing vehicles, rides should be more than just about getting from point A to point B.

At Ivee, we’re creating personalized passenger experiences that make a ride as relaxing as a spa, as productive as your office, or as entertaining as a home theater.


Passenger Infotainment Software

Ivee’s personalization software improves earnings and loyalty.


Hyper-local interactive ads that get better results.

Mobility Data Platform

Increase earnings with an upgraded passenger experience.

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About Us

We’ve committed to diverting 350,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions from our environment by 2025. That’s the equivalent of planting 411,000 acres of trees, or the size of Los Angeles, Chicago and New York cities combined.

Rides with Ivee

With our partners in the automotive industry, Ivee is piloting new technology and comfort features for ride-hailing vehicles.


Drive with Ivee and Earn More Money On Each Ride

Qualifying Uber or Lyft drivers can earn more money by offering Ivee’s free upgraded ride experience.


Ivee and Evolgo Announce Partnership at CoMotion LA

Ivee and Evolgo Announce Partnership at CoMotion LA

Evolgo, a mobility operator in Los Angeles, chooses Ivee as its in-vehicle experience partner.Ivee brings passenger-centric technology to Evolgo’s vehicles. It allows Evolgo’s driver to do their job safely, while giving the passenger control of their ride. Partnering...

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