Drive with Ivee and Earn More Money On Each Ride.

Qualifying Uber or Lyft drivers can earn more money by offering Ivee’s free upgraded ride experience.

What is Ivee?

Ivee creates better rides by allowing your passengers to personalize their ride experience, making their ride as relaxing as a spa, as productive as an office, or as entertaining as a home theater.

What is an Ivee Ambassador?

Better rides start with people, so we’re looking for outstanding drivers like you to represent Ivee as our Ambassador.

By offering Ivee’s upgraded ride experience at no charge to passengers, our top Ambassadors can earn $100 per month from Ivee. Our best Ambassadors will also receive some exciting perks!

How it works

You’ll receive our passenger experience kit, free of charge. Once you’ve installed the kit in your vehicle, just make sure it’s turned on at the start of each shift. That’s it! Ivee takes a customer-first approach, so your passengers will be able to choose whether they want to engage with the kit or not. There are no auto-playing videos or ads to annoy you or your passengers.

What’s in the kit?

  • 10.5″ Tablet
  • Tablet Mount
  • 4G connectivity
  • An instructional video will be provided to guide you through a 5-minute one-time installation.

How you make more money

With the tablet running in your vehicle, you earn extra money with no extra effort. The more your passengers engage with the tablet, the more you make. Our top Ambassadors can earn $100 each month.

Your responsibilities

As an ambassador of Ivee and our tech partners, we expect you to:

  1. Turn on the tablet and keep it running through your entire shift.
  2. Keep the tablet in good, clean working order.


Ambassadors get paid for every month that they are active and complete a ride receipt form.