Our Commitment

Double Bottom Line

Since our founding, we’ve committed to being a double bottom line company.  We measure our success in the impact on our customers’ lives and our community.  

Significant Commitment

We’ve committed to diverting 350,000 tons of GHGs from our environment by 2025. That’s the equivalent of planting 411,000 acres of trees, or the size of Los Angeles, Chicago and New York cities combined.

How We Do It

We create software to improve the passenger experience.  And we reward passengers and mobility operators that use our software in the most sustainable forms of transportation. 


Drivers and fleet operators eco-friendly vehicles qualify for Ivee and receive compensation from Ivee. Already, Ivee has delivered its ride experiences in nearly 500K+ zero-emission equivalent miles. That’s like planting 200 acres of trees, nearly 20x the size of the grounds at the White House.


Ivee has joined the 1% for the Planet initiative and has taken the Salesforce 1% Pledge.  We’ve dedicated 1% of our product, 1% of our people’s time, and 1% of our profits to environmental causes that curb emissions.