Personalized Passenger Experiences with Ivee

Ivee Inside

Next-generation infotainment software for next-generation vehicles.


  • Dynamic & contextualized user interface
  • Android OS and Android Auto compliant
  • Several human-machine interfaces, including tap, voice, and NFC


  • Personalized user experience puts passengers in control
  • High passenger engagement and satisfaction levels
  • Increased revenue and loyalty for operators

Ivee Cloud

Intelligence for the vehicle and beyond.


  • Contextual Engine
  • Marketplace
  • User Profile


  • Rich level of personalization for in-vehicle or out-of-vehicle experiences on any device
  • New monetization opportunities
  • Device-agnostic platform requiring no proprietary hardware


Mobility & Fleet Operators

Ivee’s personalization software improves earnings & loyalty for mobility & fleet operators.

Operators can deploy Ivee as a managed service, self-service SaaS, or via our developer platform.

Vehicle Manufacturers and Suppliers

The vehicle of the future starts in the backseat.

With our partners in the automotive industry, Ivee brings tomorrow’s technology and comfort features to today’s passenger vehicles.

Case Study: Rides of the Future Responsive Seat

Brose Automotive, a Tier-1 Seating manufacturer, participated in Ivee’s vehicle innovation program, called Rides of the Future.

Ivee deployed a Responsive Seat with vibrating elements and haptic feedback created by Brose and powered by Ivee Inside, to ride-hail drivers in Miami.

25,000+ passengers experienced Immersive Entertainment and Relaxing Rides. Satisfaction levels and willingness to pay far exceeded Ivee and Brose’s expectations.

Immersive Entertainment

Massage Experience

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