Ivee’s personalization software and ads products expand to reach 25M+ passengers per year.

Mobility software company Ivee® and taxi technology company Creative Mobile Technologies, LLC (CMT) have initiated a strategic collaboration to increase earnings from CMT’s taxicab network. As part of the collaboration, advertisers will be able to purchase mobility-based ads across ride-hail and taxi networks from Ivee.

After successfully deploying its passenger infotainment software on ride-hail networks including Uber, Lyft, Via, and Blacklane, Ivee is now looking to increase its reach with CMT, the taxi technology company best known for its taxi payment solutions and in-vehicle advertising platform serving over 10,000 taxis as well as its e-hail taxi app, Arro. Ivee and CMT are also exploring ways to bring Ivee Intelligence and new ad units to CMT vehicles in order to improve ad effectiveness in CMT’s fleet.

“CMT has always been a pioneer in the taxi industry,” said Ron Sherman, Chairman of Creative Mobile Technologies. “By collaborating with Ivee, we give advertisers new innovative ways to connect with our passengers.”

Why is it a big deal?

Increased Reach: Ivee Ads is now available across ride-hailing and taxi networks with massive reach & time-with-passenger. CMT’s network alone produces 375M minutes of time-with-passenger which is a great way to build awareness for advertisers.

Solutions for a cookie-less world: The introduction of iOS 14 has made it more difficult for advertisers to connect with consumers. Ivee’s collaboration gives advertisers new innovative ways to connect with passengers with a full-screen TV-like video ad format.

New York City: One of the world’s largest advertising markets has had limited options for reaching the passenger economy. Ivee will give advertisers options for programmatic, clickable, and location-based ad units with attribution.

“Ivee’s advertising customers continue to seek additional Ivee reach in key US markets, especially New York City,” said Ivee’s Founder and CEO, Alex Giannikoulis. ”Our collaboration with CMT will not only allow us to meet that advertising demand, but we can also innovate the time spent in a taxi just like Ivee innovated the time spent in ride-hail vehicles.”