From November 16 to 18, Los Angeles became the center of sustainable mobility by hosting the 2021 edition of CoMotion LA, the international meeting of the actors who think and imagine tomorrow’s mobility. Mobility Makers had the chance to be a part of this revolution as a media partner and as a jury of the LA New Mobility Challenge.

This year, many topics were addressed during the three days of conferences, discussions and networking. At least, several major trends emerged, including air mobility and the importance of hydrogen as a new energy for charging electric vehicles (buses, trucks, cars, boats…).

CoMotion LA also allowed several free-floating companies to unveil their latest innovations, especially in terms of safety.

Spin, a Ford subsidiary operating in the United States and Europe, presented its new e-scooter (S-100) equipped with Drover AI technology. Thanks to a box with a camera placed on the front of the vehicle, the operator can detect if the machine is driving on a sidewalk. The goal is to allow Spin to reward good drivers and penalize those who drive on sidewalks and thus make pedestrian areas safer.

Furthermore, the French company Vulog has announced the signing of a contract with Blue Duck for the use of its AiMA technology which allows to put vehicles (buses, e-bikes, e-scooters) at the disposal of consumers.

Another example is Ivee, which offers an on-screen interface to enrich the experience of the Uber or Lyft users. It becomes possible to have access to personalized content (movies, news) during a trip, or even to work by accessing services like Zoom.