Personalized Passenger Experiences with Ivee

Ivee Inside

Next-generation infotainment software.


  • Dynamic & contextualized user interface
  • Android OS and Android Auto compliant
  • Several human-machine interfaces, including tap, voice and NFC


  • Personalized user experience puts passengers in control
  • High passenger engagement and satisfaction levels
  • Increased revenue and loyalty for operators
Ivee Ads

Ivee Ads

Connecting advertisers to affluent ride-hail passengers.


  • Full-screen, unskippable ads create rich and memorable impressions
  • Awareness ads keep your brand top-of-mind
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) consideration ads are interactive and encourage action
  • Hyper-targeting by zip code, time of day, or user persona


  • 6x higher click-thru rates than YouTube and Facebook
  • 2x higher completed video view rate than Facebook and YouTube
  • Targeting delivers the right ad in the right place
Ivee Ads

Ivee Intelligence

Intelligence for the vehicle and beyond.


  • 1st party data of passenger preferences and actions
  • 1st party data from ride-hail, black-car and taxi vehicles
  • Integrated 3rd party contextualized data sets


  • Improves earnings 20% or more
  • Increased content relevancy
  • Rich level of personalization for in-vehicle or out-of-vehicle experiences on any device
  • Better user insights with Ivee user personas